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White-washed buildings - Staithes  - Staithes



Formerly one of the largest fishing ports in the UK, Staithes is now mostly a seaside tourist destination. The area is geologically fascinating, known as the ‘Dinosaur Coast’ as the coastline is mostly of the Jurassic period. This attracts both amateur and professional geologists from miles around. Staithes is also well known as a mineral mining location for jet, iron, alum and potash.

Staithes is famous for its links with the great explorer Captain James Cook. Born in Yorkshire, Cook once worked as a grocer’s apprentice in the village of Staithes, which is where he developed his initial passion for the seas. He later moved to nearby Whitby where he joined the Navy and continued his journey to becoming a world famous explorer. ‘Cook’s Cottage’ can still be seen as you stroll through Staithes, as well as the only life size replica of the grocer’s shop in Captains Cook & Staithes Heritage Centre. The original shop was unfortunately destroyed by the harsh environment of the sea air with its salts and winds.

Although there are no big hotels in Staithes, there are several bed and breakfasts, cottages and guest houses for you to choose between. In the village, there are a couple of restaurants and cafes to sample, as well as the odd local shops for self catering supplies.

Staithes lies just off the A174 between Redcar and Whitby.


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